3 ways to partition an array based on a condition using javascript ES6

partition an array js

In this tutorial we will learn how to partition an array based on a condition using javascript. we will see multiple ways to do this and also explore some solutions using lodash or other 3rd party libs. Partition an array javascript using Array.reduce Partition an array javascript using Array.filter Javascript Array.filter function can be used … Read more

How to properly handle Node express graceful shutdown

If you’re building something in backend using Node.js, There’s a good chance that you’re using express.js. Express.js is most popular http framework know for being fast, unopinionated, and feature complete library. One thing developers need to handle properly when using express with process managers like pm2, forever etc, when these process managers send shutdown signal, … Read more

Use express.js with nuxt.js

Express.js in one of the most popular Node.js framework, so if you’re working with Nuxt.js and want to use it with express.js because you want user express.js capabilities with nuxt.js, in this quick tutorial we will learn how to use nuxt.js with express.js. Using Nuxt.js middleware with express.js Nuxt.js provides nuxt.render middleware to use it … Read more

Creating user, database and adding access on PostgreSQL (and automate the process)

postgresql database

If you’re a software developer, Postgresql will be the go-to database for most of the developers nowadays. if anyone wondering why so then head over to this comparison https://www.2ndquadrant.com/en/postgresql/postgresql-vs-mysql/ In This Database How-to guide, we will learn, how to create db user, database and grant access to the user for the database created using psql … Read more