Access getter from another vuex module

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to access the getter from another module Vue And Vuex.

Consider you are building and frontend web app using Vuejs framework and for state management, default and popular choice will be Vuex.

for some reason you want to access the getter from another module, you can use the following method to do so.

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using rootGetters

According to official documention we can pass rootGetters as 4th parameter in our function:

pages: (state, getters, rootState, rootGetters) => {
               //here we can access all other modules 
              // using rootGetters.moduleName

and for namespaced we can access using

// for example

using getters and actions

// using with getters
getters: {
    someGetter (state, getters, rootState, rootGetters) {
        // rootGetters.getterName
        // rootGetters['namesapce/getterName'] 

// using with actions
actions: {
  actionName ({ dispatch, commit, getters, rootGetters }) {

    dispatch('lorem', null, { root: true }) 

    commit('mutationName', null, { root: true }) 

In this way, we can access getter of another module in Vuex.

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