Use Global Node Modules in Normal Nodejs App/Script

If you’re developing a small node script based on global node_module that you have installed, Once you import or require that particular node_module, You will see that Node.JS runtime will throw error module not found error, It is basically because your Node app doesn’t have access to globally installed node_modules, but thanks to vibrant Node.js … Read more

How To Access the request object inside a GraphQL resolver Function (Apollo-Server-Express)

If you’re working with GraphQL (a query language for your API), and you’re using apollo-server-express, You may notice unlike express-graphql, request object will not be available in context, if it’s not defined inĀ apollo-sever-express middleware, but don’t worry, if want request object available in context, just use following quick hack, not really and you’re done. normalĀ apollo-server-express … Read more