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Use Global Node Modules in Normal Nodejs App/Script

Written by Vithal Reddy
Node Modules

If you’re developing a small node script based on global node_module that you have installed, Once you import or require that particular node_module, You will see that Node.JS runtime will throw error module not found error, It is basically because your Node app doesn’t have access to globally installed node_modules, but thanks to vibrant Node.js community, we have found workarounds, we will see them below:

Require Global Node_Module in Node app using NODE_PATH ENV var

export NODE_PATH=$(npm root -g)
NODE_PATH=$(npm root -g) node index.js
or in package.json file scripts
"start":"NODE_PATH=$(npm root -g) node index.js"

NodeJS require a global module/package

const { execSync } = require("child_process");

// get root folder of global node modules
const root = execSync("npm root -g")

// then we require global node modules as
const axios = require(`${root}/axios`);
const uuidv4 = require(`${root}/uuid/v4`);

Use global Node_Modules in Nodejs app using requireg npm module

It support both npm/yarn global packages installation paths.But you have to install it in your node app to use it.

const requireg = require('requireg');

// require a globally installed package
const axios = requireg('axios');

// require a globally installed package and skip local packages
const eslint = requireg('eslint', true);


You can use any of the above method, But second option is most preferrable, as it works without any third party node module or without require any env variable.

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